Bunged by Suds McKenna

Bunged is a comic made of observational drawings by Glasgow-based cartoonist Suds McKenna. What started as an ongoing series of urban sketches became a sequential work that established its final form in this 32-page book edited and designed by João Sobral.

McKenna's documentation of real life street scenes, combined with his distinctive drawing style, has the power to bring fictional parallel realities to life. There are a lot of untold stories to be found throughout the pages of Bunged as we get to know little to nothing about the characters portrayed in them. All these people we see are just fleeting visitors in the adventure of a spectator-protagonist who remains unseen as we experience everything through their own eyes. Text from here.

published by O Panda Gordo

first edition, 2018 ○ paperback ○ 21cm x 15cm ○ 32 pages ○ black & white ○ digitally printed