Collection Revue 4 by Collection Revue

With this volume’s updated, larger format, Collection revue continues its in-depth interviews with contemporary artists, designers, and comic book artists, but also with some unclassifiable personalities with strong ties to drawing. Drawing serves above all as a starting point, an invitation to wander off towards other practices, like design with the Bouroullec brothers, and font design with the graphic artist Karl Nawrot, but also to explore the practice of Aerosolgrafia, as we do in a piece that goes back to the birth of this art form in Mexico in the 1980s.

Also included in this volume are Leomi Sadler’s wild and spirited works, the stylistically constrained drawings of Pierre-Guilhem, Sany’s body of work inspired by old Danish cartoon’s humor, José Maria Gonzalez’s spectral paintings, Pierre La Police’s absurd drawings, and the foggy comic books of American artist Daniel Clowes. Text from here.

published by Collection Revue

Pierre-GuilhemRonan BouroullecSanyJosé Maria GonzalezPierre la PoliceLeomi SadlerKarl NawrotDaniel Clowes

first edition, 2014 ○ paperback ○ 30cm x 21cm ○ 288 pages ○ 9782955000106