Famicon Collection 04 by Famicon Express

A bold new book by the Famicon Team, 116 bursting pages of comics, stories, puzzles and adverts, printed with a uniquely curling glossy front cover, and standard US comic book sized black and white pages. Featuring brand new artwork by the Wickedly Talented: Kitty Clark, GHXYK2, Leomi Sadler, Stef Sadler, and featuring Famicon Cousin; Jon Chandler. The book starts off with a short story..then, adrenaline rush of comic sketches, what's next? a choose-your-own-adventure page turner... and then? Buy then you'll be dribbling for more! It's been 13 years since Famicon Collection 03 so why not buy the latest issue! Text from here.

published by Famicon Express

Kitty ClarkGHXYK2Leomi SadlerStefan SadlerJon Chandler

first edition, 2020 ○ paperback ○ 26cm x 16.8cm ○ 116 pages ○ black & white