Flutiste 10: Wandering by Flutiste Editions

Leaving, fleeing, finding new horizons... Reasons to travel are countless. And the unknown is always at the end of the path. This is what this Flutiste issue's characters are going to find out. Going through multiple worlds, they ask themselves about their place in the universe. For this 10th issue, the artists involved dedicated themselves to drawing their characters in their stories, but also in other artists stories, therefor creating a multivers in which you'll certainly lose yourself. Text from here.

published by Flutiste Editions

Tom Vaillant β—‹ Thomas RouzieΜ€re β—‹ Antoine Beauvois β—‹ Valentin Stoll β—‹ David Adrien β—‹ LΓ©a Murawiec

first edition, 2017 β—‹ paperback β—‹ 18cm x 13cm β—‹ 96 pages β—‹ fluo orange and turquoise β—‹ offset printed + screensprinted