Found Forest Floor by Gareth A Hopkins & Erik Blagsvedt

I have not yet seen each page but every page I have seen I am in love with. I view the images and vaguely remember seeing them before but I do not remember writing most of the text which i feel is a good thing, usually is a good thing, meaning i haven't tried too hard but have listened well. listened closely. However, it does sound like something I would write so that's cool. I absolutely love how the text is married to the images. Just perfection beyond what i thought possible. I'm stunted at coming up with a blurb but sitting here pondering it anyway with the few spare moments I have. Text from the book.


first edition, 2017 ○ paperback ○ 21cm x 15cm ○ 249 pages ○ black & white ○ 9781548861667