Lagon Revue 4: MarΓ©cage by Lagon Revue

Lagon is a prospective comic book magazine exploring new forms of graphic narration. Bilingual (french / english), it is printed and shaped by the editorial team: Alexis Beauclair, SΓ©verine Bascouert, Sammy Stein & Jean-Philippe Bretin and takes a new name with each issue. Text from here.

published by Lagon Revue

Manon Wertenbroek β—‹ Chris Harnan β—‹ Tom Lebaron-KhΓ©rif β—‹ Masanao Hirayama β—‹ Bettina Henni β—‹ Jean-Philippe Bretin β—‹ Lala Albert β—‹ Leomi Sadler β—‹ Son Ni β—‹ Thomas Bayrle β—‹ Acacio Ortas β—‹ Michael Robbins β—‹ Margot Ferrick β—‹ Daylen Seu β—‹ Laura Brothers β—‹ LΓ©opold Bensaid β—‹ Ellie Orain β—‹ Hugo Ruyant β—‹ Melek Zertal β—‹ Sammy Stein β—‹ Maren Karlson β—‹ Jaakko Pallasvuo β—‹ Alexis Beauclair

first edition, 2020 β—‹ paperback β—‹ 33cm x 23cm β—‹ 212 pages β—‹ risograph, offset & silkscreen printed

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