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The aim ofΒ lumpen archivesΒ is to collect and digitally document independent publications made by comic artists, and with time become a useful point of reference for discovering new and different narratives.

If you would like to submit your publication please follow these steps:


β—‹ 1 image for front cover + up to 8 images for the inside pages, using a dark/black background in portrait mode is preferred. The images uploaded to lumpen archives were made possible with the use of a scanner, if you do not possess one, please send an email to β†’ lumpen archives at gmail dot com / and we can arrange something.

β—‹ make sure each of the images is not bigger than 1.5MB, with a maximum resolution of 200/300dpi (200 is advised).


β—‹ Title of the book

β—‹ Author/s' name/s + social media handles and/or link to websites ~ if multiple, please specify every artist included, together with their social media handles and/or link to websites
β—‹ Publisher’s name + social media handles and/or link to website ~ indicate if self-published

β—‹ Synopsis of the book, this can be a general outline of the project, and not more than 400 words. Having a summary is advised but not essential.

β—‹ Year of release + edition (first edition, reprint...)
β—‹ Size in centimetres
β—‹ Page count (advised but not necessary)
β—‹ Methods of production (printing, binding, colours used if risograph printed etc)
β—‹ ISBN if available

β—‹ Links to interviews, videos, podcasts about the authors and/or publishers, not essential but advised.

~ if the project is digital, high resolution screenshots + the above will work as well.
~ if you want to submit a publication that was not made by you, the above still applies. Make sure that in the submission you also include your full name and social media handles and/or a link to your website.

To submit, please send an email with a WeTransfer link to β†’ lumpen archives at gmail dot com ~