The Sandwich Guide: a Georomantic Essay through the Uncandy Ethereal by SerT

In 'The Sandwich Guide: a Georomantic a Georomantic Essay through the Ethereal Un-candy', the sandwich is an excuse to talk about what’s behind a theme as (apparently) simple as the sandwich, in particular its non-culinary and, in a sense, speculative aspects: how a simple idea can be and cannot be universally shared by the individuals, the language and the rhetorics of overcomplicating and contradictory discourse. It is also a work on different registers, that of the critical theory, of the logical mysticism, of the fanzine and, most of all, of the comics and the sequentiality of a collection of images, with which I tried to create a non-fictional kind of comic. Text from the author.


first edition, 2020 β—‹ paperback β—‹ 25cm x 21cm β—‹ 64 pages β—‹ dust jacket with silver foil details β—‹ digitally printed

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