Yazar & Arkadas by Lale Westvind

The story that unfolds here is an interior journey to the core of being. It is also, simultaneously, a "road" map that shows the way there, in a demonstration of the power of comics to reveal hidden passageways. Combining a firm grasp on classic “Golden Age” science fiction visual tropes with a keen insight into their psychological underpinnings, Westvind here forges a singularly personal mythographics in the service of illuminating a fierce vision of desire.

Readers will be effectively transported to the “Lale-verse” wherein they will witness the pursuit of passions and the ecstasies of understanding as aeons are collapsed into moments… and then it’s time for tea. Text from here.


first edition, 2019 ○ paperback ○ 21cm x 16cm ○ blue ○ risograph printed